Sandoval Lake - Tour Operator

Sandoval Lake - Tour Operator
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martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Sandoval Lake Lodge

Extend your program deep in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve. Sandoval Lake Lodge overlooks sparkling, palm- rimmed Sandoval Lake, the most beautiful and wildlife-rich of all lakes in Tambopata-Madidi.This privileged location provides exclusive access to the lake in the early morning and late afternoon, the choice hours for wildlife viewing and photography.

• Extend your stay at Sandoval Lake Lodge, located in Tambopata National Reserve.

• Excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing, bird watching, and photography in Sandoval Lake .

• See resident Giant River Otters in their natural habitat in Sandoval Lake .

• Observe hundreds of Red-bellied and Blue-and-yellow Macaws in Sandoval Lake.

• Hike through the Amazon jungle Sandoval Lake .

• Enjoy exclusive access to Lake Sandoval Lodge .

For those with limited time but still wanting to experience a rich and remarkable section of the Amazon Rainforest the beautiful Sandoval Lake Lodge in the lower section of the Tambopata National Reserve is an excellent choice. Here we present an extended version of our 4,3,2 Days day itinerary with a highly recommended extra day to make the most of this wildlife rich rainforest environment. This lodge is easily accessible from the friendly and fascinating jungle town of Puerto Maldonado,
a major centre of the timber, gold mining and eco-tourism industries in the Southern Peruvian Amazon Sandoval Lake Lodge Puerto Maldonado is itself easily accessed from Lima and Cusco due to excellent local air links. From Puerto Maldonado our lodge is approximately 3 hours away and the journey – a thirty minute boat ride, followed by a short jungle hike and finally a paddle to our jungle home by catamaran or canoe  - is fascinating in itself. Lago Sandoval is an ox-bow lake, a curve of the Madre de Dios River cut off by the river changing course. These quiet and beautiful habitats are wonderful places for wildlife watching, 

whether exploring the Tambopata National Reserve Sandoval lake in silence by catamaran or canoe , with only the sound of our craft’s paddles for company, or walking trails with experienced nature guides through diverse forest habitats. Notable wildlife making its home around Lake Sandoval includes Red-Bellied Macaws, 5 species of monkeys, Black Caimans – largest of the alligator like caiman species found the Amazon and growing sometimes to a maximum length of 6m, and the beautiful and highly endangered Giant Otter. Giant Otters, the largest of their kind worldwide live and hunt in large family groups and grow to a maximum

length of 2m. Local people call the Otters ‘Lobos del Rio’ – Wolves of the River in honor of their co-operative hunting abilities. To see these animals hunting freely in their natural habitat is truly a magical experience! Welcome to the Jungle Sandoval Lake 

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