Sandoval Lake - Tour Operator

Sandoval Lake - Tour Operator
Sandoval lake reserve, tambopata tours, manu national park

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Sandoval Lake

Welcome to Sandoval Lake spectacular adventure and reserve tambopata tours, Manu National Park, Amazon Birds, Machu Picchu Birds, etc.

Enjoy your holiday in Peru exploring our wonderful and amazing destinations to perceive, see, walk, learn and experience the magic of their own dreams in our Peruvian Amazon, also called by the Spanish city of gold or the Grand Paitití Païtiti: A legendary Inca and pre-Inca city kingdoms where they talk it could have been this city in the Andes, hidden somewhere in the jungle of southeastern Peru and northern Bolivia and southwestern Brazil near the city of pure gold.

Sandoval Lake Lodge:
We are known as an agency of Tour Operators in the Peruvian Amazon and offer further information about booking a trip to the jungle in Sandoval Lake Reserve and the Tambopata Reserve of full adventura.

Sandoval Lake:
Provides all the tourist information of Peru as a tourist map with their tours of galleries and reserves National parks of Peru s Heritage. We also offer vacation packages short and long trips and large promotional trips for school or college student or national and international institutes, booking hotels yet the price of services at your convenience. Availability has a journey to experience the magic of Peru in the Amazon with daily departures to manu.

Being part of travel in Peru is a great way to meet like minded people and make friends for life! Our main goal is to give an original experience that includes interaction with native communities in the Peruvian rainforest, with an itinerary to suit you to this comfortable and satisfied with the trip.

You can visit our websites to choose your adventure travel, hiking, canopy zipline, etc to suit all the time you want to be in the Peruvian jungle. Visit the following websites:

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